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I found this survey completely by chance on Late Nights with Good Books, and fell in love with it. Here’s my take on the Perpetual Page Turner’s A to Z alphabetical survey about books.

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One of my seniors at school only ever read tragedies, and I couldn't imagine why— I thought her quite weird actually. Then I found out that crying can have an emotionally cathartic effect— so, here’s a list of my ‘favourite’ tearjerkers:

1. LES MISERABLES by Victor Hugo

My schoolbook had a story called ‘The Bishop’s Candlesticks’ and I so loved the Bishop’s kindness and reformatory tactics that I bought the translated version of Les Miserables. I thought it would have a happy ending— I lived in the disillusion that good men always ended up with good lives. What a sapskull I was! I cried throughout, and hated Cozette and her husband quite madly. Jean Valjean (to be pronounced as John Valjohn, naturally) of course is the most completely retarded doormat-ish goody-two-shoes ever created (not!), and of course, I love him. Sniff! [Read it here.]


When you have a heroine and a hero who are witty teenagers and who have terminal cancer and who fall in ‘first love’ with each other—of course, it’s bound to end up in a bucketload of tears. There are people who call such books emotionally manipulative, because diseases, deaths, star-crossed love and cancer will inevitable make someone cry at the loss of life and love. But there are some great ‘aha’ moments, and some great ‘feel-good’ moments. And then there are the tears, which may alarm your family, but will make you rethink your priorities.

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The trouble with bibliophiles is that when they are not reading books, they are reading about books. So, the Broke and Bookish’s Tuesday meme was rather difficult for me: Top 10 Blogs/ Sites that Are NOT About Books. I had to go and check up all my bookmarks on delicious, and handpick ten, and I, er, apologize for being two days too late. Here’s the list:

10. The National Geographic

What better way to keep up with news, than these yellow-tipped journals full of lovely snaps! One of my school libraries used to subscribe to NGP, and I used to spend hours cooped up with them. The high definition pictures on all those glossy pages made me want to become a nature photographer.


9. Deviant Art

I am not much of an artist (though I do have a creative streak now and then), and the first time I came across Deviant Art was when I was hunting for Harry Potter Fanart.  I had no idea what a beautiful world exists out there, with so many talented painters (both traditional art and digital art) that it amazes me and also makes me green with envy. Check out my favourite pieces, and make sure to look at the Daily Deviant as well. The Daily Deviant is a daily selection of the favourite submissions as voted by DA users.

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